I r a nathan

I'm Nate, a 22 year old living in both America and it's attic, attending Sheridan's Animation program.
*Proudly Native
*Staunchly obsessed with History and Zoology
*Stubbornly attached to comics and cartoons.
I post my art/animations/sculptures/comics, reblog funny/cultural/fandom things here, but also use it to keep in contact with friends.
Fandoms include Hetalia, BBC Sherlock, MLP FiM, Avengers (Comics/Movies), SnK, Free!, FMA, etc, etc. Feel free to drop me a line! I love chit-chatting :3



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     My World - Fox Amoore

    Seriously one of the most beautiful pieces of modern orchestral music I’ve heard.  Go check out Fox Amoore on FurAffinity  if you have not already. His digital CDs are cheap and totally worth it.  Excuse me while I got have some more feels.

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    11. saucybroswithbenefits said: * 3 * I love that guy…. I used to talk to him when he wasn’t much known, and he almost orchestrated one of my compositions, but he soon got too busy for it…. Still, I just love his stuff.
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