I r a nathan

I'm Nate, a 22 year old living in both America and it's attic, attending Sheridan's Animation program.
*Proudly Native
*Staunchly obsessed with History and Zoology
*Stubbornly attached to comics and cartoons.
I post my art/animations/sculptures/comics, reblog funny/cultural/fandom things here, but also use it to keep in contact with friends.
Fandoms include Hetalia, BBC Sherlock, MLP FiM, Avengers (Comics/Movies), SnK, Free!, FMA, etc, etc. Feel free to drop me a line! I love chit-chatting :3



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  1. Squishable (http://www.squishable.com/s/) designs I’m uploading and hoping they’ll get up for the next voting period. ¬†Gonna do a boar and some sort of bird and thne I”ll be done, lol.

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